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Mercenaries Introduction
The Mercenaries are a cooperative, competitive, and friendly multi-gaming clan. We play over three video games: Gears of War 3, Halo Reach, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3! We do not have a ranking system unlike many other clans out there because we beleive every player should be treated equally. We are very organized due to how we run things. We have something called staff positions that help to run the clan. We also make decisions using a group of people opposed to the many clans out there that make decisions based on what their leader thinks... Please register to become apart of a new and fresh clan!
Mission Statement
We plan to do many things with our clan. I hope to increase the number of members we have by about 200. After we recruit about 200 people into the Mercenaries, we plan to start taking on more clans in clan battles. We hope to make a name of ourselves by beating hundreds of clans in combat. After we have made a small name for ourselves, we plan to start putting up more items on Youtube and start recruiting again to about 1,000! After we have recruited around 1,000 members, who knows what we will do next! (I know!!!-Cobrajet127)
So to sum it up:
1. Recruit 200 members
2. Make a name for ourselves
3. Youtube
4. Recruit 1,000 members
5. The unknown
I recommend buy a new game out there called Space Marine! It's an extremely addictive and fun game to play. The gameplay is comparable to Gears of War. You get to cut green monsters in half with a chain sword! So I recommend grabbing it the next time you go to a Gamestop of something!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that have already been answered!

Q1: So how do you guys run your clan?

A1: We are separated into three divisions. One for each video game we play. Each division has a leader. The division leader runs his/her own division as if it were there own clan. Each division leader is responsible for recruiting members for their divison and for keeping it clean! The three division leaders all come together every-so-often to decide how to better the entire clan!

Q2: So you guys run competitions? What happens at one of these things?

A2: Usually we let the clan vote (via poll system) on a certain competition's map and game settings. After that is decided we chose whether to keep the competition open to clan members or open to anyone. Then, we set a date that works for everyone. Finally, we run the competition. If we happen to have more people at a competition then the lobby allows, we will run multiple lobbies to ensure that everyone is given a chance to win! The winner(s) will usually receive a type of microsoft point card or a type of xbox live card.

Q3: Do you people do any montages or Machinima?

A3: Yes we do. We create montages for individual players and for the clan as a whole! We also have a few Machinima directors in the clan.

Q4: Wait you guys aren't PS3 haters, right?

A4: We don't get into the fight between PS3 and Xbox. We like both system equally. (Even though we are an Xbox clan)

Q5: Your clan isn't one of those hardcore clans, right?!?!

A5: We aren't too serious about gaming as other "hardcore" clans are. We talk to each other about some topics that have nothing to do with gaming sometimes.

Q6: You're the clan leader right? How much of a dictator are you? *laughs*

A6: I'm acually not much of an over-powered leader. I am very laid-back. I like to depend on my concil to help me decide many things for the clan.

Q7: How long will it take me to join? Is there a test I have to take or something?

A7: Acually It does not take very long to join. All you have to do is register on our site and create an introduction of yourself in the forums. It takes about 5 minutes or so to do all that. There is NO test. We beleive that you will prove yourself as we get to know you.

Q8: Is there an age requirement?

A8: No. We have a maturity requirement though. You must at least be somewhat of a mature person.

Q9: So how do members treat each other here?

A9: Everone is quite respectful towards each other in this clan. We have had a few cases of two player not getting along. Usually they are told to ignore each other and if they don't, there will be a trial.

Q10: You said "trial". What's that?

A10: A trial usually takes place in a meeting or some place else. We use usually decide who is in the right and who is in the wrong. The person who is in the wrong will be forced to create an apology for the other member. If the member refuses to create an apology, he will be booted out of the clan.


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